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News / Sticker Shock campaign targets underage drinking

Bright green and white stickers bore a reminder to the people buying alcohol at several convenience and grocery stores on Monday: It’s illegal to give that alcohol to minors.

The effort is about “being able to reach out in a different way and ask people buying alcohol to just think about the consequences or just to think about protecting youth around this town,” Caleb Dorsey, with ETCADA, said.

The stickers are part of a cooperative effort between the Panola County Community Coalition, the East Texas Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, and Life Code.

Members and volunteers with the coalition, the East Texas Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse and Life Code gathered Monday evening at the Bulldawg Stop for the event. Instructions were simple: Only place the stickers on multi-pack containers out on the sales floor. Stickers could not cover words, pictures or logos.

The bright green stickers, which are part of a national campaign, read “Hey You!! It is ILLEGAL to provide alcoholic beverages to people under 21!!!”

After tackling the Bulldawg Shop’s beer cases available for sale, the group diviided into smaller caravans to canvass city and county stores participating in the event.

In addition to reminding adults about the law, Dorsey encouraged students to be safe, especially because prom is coming up.

“We definitely know and understand that people will try to throw the afterprom parties, and we try to encourage students not to go to those just because of all the different stories we’ve heard in the past,” he said. “There’s been past issues with drinking while driving or injuries to these parties. So we want the kids to make right decisions and think about their future. A lot of the seniors at these proms, they want to go to college, they want to go out into the world and make an impact. They gotta think about that every day.”

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