ETCADA hosts PRC4 for 23 counties in Northeast Texas. PRC4 serves as the regional data collection and distribution entity engaged in assessing substance abuse risk and protective factors for the region.

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News / PRC4 2018 Regional Needs Assessment Available for Download

By Linda Oyer
Monday, July 23, 2018

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Chart Breaking Down Region 4 Industries

The Regional Needs Assessment (RNA) report is created by each Prevention Resource Center in the state of Texas, in conjunction with the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) every year.  Data compiled to produce this report is gathered to provide the state, agencies and organizations, and the community at large with a comprehensive view of information about the trends, outcomes, and consequences associated with alcohol, tobacco and other drug use in the region.  The methodology for this report was designed to enable PRC’s, DSHS, and community stakeholders to engage in long-term strategic prevention planning based on current and prospective services relative to the needs of the communities in the State.

This assessment was designed to aid PRC’s, DSHS, and community stakeholders in long-term strategic prevention planning based on most current information relative to the unique needs of the diverse communities in the State of Texas.  This document presents a summary of statistics relevant to risk and protective factors associated with drug use, as well as consumption patterns and consequences data, at the same time offers insight related to gaps in services and data availability challenges.

The 2018 Regional Needs Assessment is completed and now available to download.  The RNA is focused on adolescent use of alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs in our region.  Region 4 consists of 23 counties in East Texas.

You may also contact Calandra Jones at for questions or to schedule presentations on risk and protective factors related to substance abuse.

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