ETCADA hosts PRC4 for 23 counties in Northeast Texas. PRC4 serves as the regional data collection and distribution entity engaged in assessing substance abuse risk and protective factors for the region.

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Our Mission is to provide recovery support services and reduce substance use through education and intervention. We also help young adults successfully transition into adulthood by providing services to address essential needs.

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What is the Prevention Resource Center (PRC)?

The Prevention Resource Center is a statewide initiative funded by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) that spans across 11 regions. Each PRC functions as a data collection repository, training liaison in substance abuse prevention, and conducts tobacco compliance checks at tobacco merchant retailers. The PRC is charged to facilitate and maximize regional resources in data collection in order to develop an annual Regional Needs Assessment.

The data collection efforts carried out by the Region 4 PRC are focused on the state’s prevention priorities of alcohol (underage drinking), marijuana, prescription drugs, tobacco, and other drugs. The Prevention Resource Centers collaborate closely with community stakeholders, substance abuse prevention programs, and other community advocates to identify and coordinate training opportunities for the region.